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Job Description

Key Result Areas • Develop and oversee the implementation of a comprehensive safety program at the research complex and satellite laboratories • Lead and supervise the safety personnel comprising of experts in technical safety, health safety, environmental safety, chemicals safety and safety training • Oversee the development of a safety manual for each laboratory completing commissioning and beginning operation • Take action if a laboratory does not meet all the safety requirements and if necessary, approve shut-down of the lab until safety requirements are met • Develop and lead a safety inspection/audit program to ensure safety measures are in place • Investigate and provide recommendations and lessons learnt from each safety incident and near miss incident in the research facilities and affiliated laboratories • Deliver presentations during executive meetings to highlight the safety program, point out any deficiencies and shortcomings as well as highlight any safety concerns • Oversee the safety training program being administered by the safety team and ensure the quality and effectiveness of the program • Participate, review and advise on lab designs and modifications, to ensure safety is built into the design, building safety systems, codes and standards are met, fire safety codes are met and chemicals, gases & toxic materials safety is incorporated • Ensure required hazard reviews are conducted • Participate in technical meetings, commissioning meetings and activities • Award laboratories that have been commissioned and have met the safety requirements permit to start research operations • Coordinate environmental safety at the facility overall and also specific to each laboratory including hazardous materials handling and disposal, waste disposal, and exhaust systems • Other reasonable tasks as assigned by supervisor Operating Environment, Framework, and Boundaries • The work will be at the research facility and satellite laboratories. • Position will be on call at all times. • Occasional work outside of normal working hours. • Compliance with all relevant HBKU and HSSE policies and procedures, regulatory/best practice protocols as well as national and governmental research compliance protocols and procedures. Communications and Working Relationships • Supervisor - frequent contact to provide progress reports and to collaborate on planning • Contractors & service providers - oversee and coordinate the work at the research facilities • Researchers - works closely to ensure safe practices are implemented, safety manuals are available, safety focal point is assigned, and required safety trainings are completed