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Employer Testimonials

We feel provides a more targeted approach to recruitment. They offer good value for money and help or company save money whilst still attracting a wide range of applicants."
Human Resources, Grace Engineering Ltd

It is refreshing to deal with a company that values it’s clients, listens to our requirements and acts in a professional manner.
Jacqui Daniel, Director, McDermott Audit House

I had a fantastic response to my last ad for a senior civil engineer and project manager, with a high proportion of enquiries turning into formal applications and I ended up recruiting six people!
Feroiz Marshall, Recruitment Manager, Abbe Project Consulting

We have found extremely helpful and reliable, competively priced, they listen to what you want and work with you and they come up with ideas and suggestions,
Sunil Rambaya, Personnel Manager, Gulf Oil services

We have had a better response rate from than any other form of advertising for employment we have done, including local paper and radio. We would highly recommend for all employment need
Geeta Fernandes, Manager, Spot Technologies Qatar

Candidate Testimonials

I have really enjoyed my job here, and I work with the best group of guys that I really look up to. My supervisor has been a really big influence to me because he is really helpful and easy to talk to, and helps to make things easy to understand. I am looking forward to making MTE my job until the day I retire".
Thanks to
Brian Thompson, Electrical Maintenance Engineer

I am blessed to have found a good position at such a young age to begin my career. I have learned so much – not only about the electric business but also about trust, loyalty, values, friendship and good work ethics. I am proud to say I will work with again
David Krishnsinglam, Engineer

My new company has such a positive working environment, where everybody is somebody. We not only provide service, but we are here to be of service to our membership." Thanks for the job offer Marqulita McClain, District Office Supervisor

I find absolutely fantastic..."
Dennis Amar, Warehouse and Transport Manager

Action - Efficient, effective, very friendly staff, quick to respond and a delight to deal with"
Anne-Marie Brown, Technical Manager