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If i submit the fee to use the service, will i automatically get the job

No, offcourse not, you have to go through interviews with employers


What makes JobsinQatar .org the most trusted network?

Simply speaking, we do not make any claims, our service and results speak for themselves, as a member you have to get involved in the process


When I am called for an interview, how do I know what questions will be asked

Before the interview, we can send you the interview prep online at your request,
we have created special documentation, available only to our listed members that will detail the questions and answers, most of our members have found the info very useful


Where do you get the jobs from

Directly from employers who post positions with us and our consultants who work countless hours researching companies that are hiring, and marketing your resume to such employers.


Will JobsinQatar .org receive the commission from the job seeker or Employer?

We are a members based employment network, so we will never ask an employer for money, at anytime. Whomever wishes to use our service, must pay for it


Why do Networks, Career Consultants and Executive search services charge?

This is a members based fee based service by law, we access your skills and education, guide and market your resume to selected employers for final reviews. since these professional services cost us time and money to do for you, you must pay the member fee to join and use the system, It will not be offered for free


Can I get a refund at anytime

If your membership is cancelled for any reason by the client, and not completed, the subscription will act as the final payment for our services


Who makes the final hiring decisions


Networks, Career consultants, agencies nor recruiters cannot make any hiring desions at anytime. The responsibility of hiring belongs solely to Employers. We match, recommend and forward your credentials to employers who are listed with us in order to help get the result,


Do I receive a receipt for my payment?

After you submit your payment, you will receive an email which will include your receipt, and online login details


After we submit the application fee, when will we be notified

You will need to send the application fee within 10 business days, the earlier your application is submitted, the earlier you can start using the system


How will the Career department let me know when and if a position suits me?

We will contact you directly, through email to give you the complete description of the new job notifications, and we will forward the resume to the employer


How often is the website updated with new positions?

Mostly every month, filled positions are deleted, and new positions are constantly added


If i am not chosen for the position that i applied for, what happens?

Your resume will be matched and recommended to the next position that matched your skills and education until a position is accepted by you


How long does employment last?

Employees have known to work for as long as 1-6 years or more, depending on the job, and sponsorship by an employer


After the first interview, will i have to go through a second interview?

Depending on the position, Senior level jobs can have two interviews.


What is transportation like, concerning working environments?

Doha is not a very large city, it is a new city, so you should find shuttling back and forth from work to be a pleasure


How long does it take to get a job in Qatar

It can take anywhere from 1-6 months or more ( This is not taken as the exact time, this is a guideline, an average, however it can be more or less) its all up to the employers


If selected by an employer, where does the interview take place?

Once the applicant is outside of Qatar , most likely the interview will be through phone, some employers may use video conference, depending on available facilities and costs


How is JobsinQatar .org different from other companies who offer a similar service?

We match and recommend your credentials directly to employers in Qatar , and you will have an online account to get involved and track your resume


Can I apply for several positions at once

Yes, you can apply to as many position as you wish