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Job Description

Company : Benina Foods
Country : Qatar
Description : MERCHANDISER

 Working closely with the sales department to decide how goods should be displayed to maximize customer interest and sales.
 Merchandisers are required to check all items delivered are in good condition. Report if found any damage items with images/pictures during delivery.
 Check the warehouse for any UN displayed deliveries and product returns to ensure all items are stored properly and in one place.
 All excess items from the delivery must be properly arranging in back store in one place.
 Maintain records on call book to ensure that products appear in the right store at the appropriate time and in the correct quantities.
 Practice FIFO (First IN, First OUT) when displaying the items.
 Transport to different stores to discuss how well stock is selling and make decision about whether to withdraw, increase or move to another store.
 Using available space to the best advantage.
 Visiting others stores in the area and helping to develop their understanding of presentation.
 Attending trade shows, company sponsored upon request.
 Assisting the Marketing department in coordinating various integrated marketing activities in compliance with approved policies and procedures in the related process according to the quality management system standard.
 Keep promotional material in good condition.
 Ensure that promotions are well displayed in store.
 Carry identification card, Food Handling certificate at all time.
 Communicate with sales team for all missing items on shelves.
 Report all problems with customers
 Make sure you wear the complete uniform before reporting to your assigned market (Safety shoes, uniform t-shirt and appropriate pants)
 Respect and perform any task assigned by the manager not mentioned in the job description, contribute to improving the work.