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Job Description

•Receiving of credit application forms and all the required documents for both Fleet and Retail deal. Ensuring that complete documents were received by the Sales Consultant. •Communicating with the concerned Sales Consultant if documents handed over were incomplete. •Preparing the Credit Application Form. •Giving an initial assessment on the credit worthiness of the customer or company based on the documents provided. •Doing a financial and background investigation through a site visit for fleet customers; making sure that important data and information were collected. •Preparing the site visit report. •Disseminating the approved files to the concerned sales consultant. •Rescheduling the customer’s accounts (i.e. lumpsum replacement, cheque payment against bounced cheques etc.) •Preparing the recalling letter specifically for the customers’ who made early settlements. •Assisting accounts department in the unallocated transactions in the customer’s ledger. •Communicating with the Accounts department on the releasing of recalled cheques. •Releasing customer’s Security cheque; ensuring that proper identification was provided. •Providing the calculation to both customers and employees for early settlements upon confirmation with the Credit Controller. •Scheduling on SAP.