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Job Description

Meeting patients who visit their medical practice, making them feel comfortable and asking questions to determine the nature of their visit Conducting examinations and asking further questions to help diagnose their medical condition/or illness Ordering additional medical examinations where necessary, including blood tests, laboratory tests, X-rays and other diagnostic procedures to gain a precise diagnosis Referring patients to specialist doctors if they determine necessary Prescribing medication and correct dosage for patients Administrating basic medical treatments, such as injections, immunization’s, skin cancer removals, wound dressing and stitches etc Advising patients on diet, nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle habits to prevent or recover from illness Arranging admission of patients to hospital where necessary Keeping detailed, up-to-date records of all patient treatments and interactions for their own medical practice and Medicare Training and supervising medical students/trainee doctors Keeping up to date with the latest medical treatments and medications relevant to general practice/primary healthcare