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Job Description

Country : Qatar
Description : At Rivage, we believe skincare is primarily about enhancing and supporting your natural beauty and health, in order for you to be able to show your inner beauty. As a sales manager, you are expected to carry that same idea and share it with potential partners we can work with. You will keep track of possible leads and maintain business relationships in accordance with our guidelines. As the sales manager, you should be able to identify what potential partners need and offer a solution that could satisfy it. You will also be responsible for creating new marketing strategies, evaluating the old ones, and adapting to necessary changes if needed. You are expected to maximize your capabilities and contribute to the growth of the company especially in terms of sales through partnerships. Most importantly, you are expected to be able to carry out the same values that we do and conduct business with integrity. Therefore, you will be accountable for the overall quantitative and qualitative results in your area of assignment.


Previous experience on the same job anything sales related
Must speak Arabic
Must be able to connect well with Spas or Salons to offer partnerships
Preferably (but not necessarily) have a driver’s license