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Job Description

Responsibilities: • MPE will be responsible for the preparation of yearly PPM planner and ensuring the timely completion and monitoring day to day activities of Maintenance task. • MPE will be solely responsible for equipment availability, availability of critically identified spare for all main and sub system of District Cooling Plant which include Reverse Osmosis plant. • Responsible for condition monitoring like vibration analysis, oil analysis, periodical chiller eddy current test yearly calibration for control and instruments, condition assessment for GRP water tanks and forecasting the risk associated with major plant equipment to avoid the mishap. • Responsible for periodical training to the in house staff for the enhancement of job knowledge • Maintenance Planning Engineer is responsible to motivate our team and expedite the materials on time. • Responsible to work with the Maintenance Engineer/Supervisor in developing the scheduled/unscheduled maintenance programs and processes for the chilled water production facility to minimize the impact on CHW production. • Responsible to pre-evaluate the need for replacement of parts and places the orders. • Responsbile for planning maintenance work orders, the repairs, servicing and efficient functioning of all machinery and equipment in a plant. • MPE and maintenance engineer/supervisor will work together with operations to meet present and future goals. • MPE’s duties would include managing maintenance data collection and information gathering to more effectively provide the planned maintenance service in future utilization of CMMS software. • Responsible to keep operating the equipment in the condition to deliver full design duty (reliability), to insure plant and equipment run properly when it is required for operation, to correct equipment and machines when the design duty cannot be achieved and then return them to design specification, and maintain assets most profitably for the life of the organization (life cycle profit). • MPE supports the written safety program that facilitates continuous improvement in the severity and frequency of accidents resulting in no Lost Time Accidents and insuring the safety of all employees. • Responsible to ensure timely delivery of daily, monthly, and yearly O&M reports from Plant Engineer / Sr. O&M Engineer to O&M Manager. • Obligate subordinates to direct and enforce the safety program. • Organizes training and provides appropriate documentation of training for the staff. • Responsible to update the work order status in CMMS. • Responsible to ensure all the plant/Network/ETS equipment is running under good condition, all the maintenance activities are as per the PPM planner schedule. Any deviations and mitigations needs to be planned and communicated to O&M Manager.